zu unserem Biergarten und Brauhaus.


  Tampa’s original European & Craft beer bar.

Since 1974.

We are a 40 +  year old Bavarian inspired beer hall restaurant and brewery in Tampa Florida.  A gastropub featuring both American & German fare with our unique twist on the old Bavarian traditions. Featuring schnitzels, wurstchen, sandwiches, home made potato pancakes and an authentic European deli.

We have over  55 Drafts, and 500 bottles.

Also an aged & rare bottle list.  Not to mention a brewery!


We are Tampa’s landmark craft beer bar, helping build the local craft beer scene, fostering local home brewing and fueling the public ‘s boredom of six row and rice!

We filter the co2, and have short draft draws.  We blend nitrogen into our beers, clean our own lines, rinse our glasses and take pride in serving beer properly while honoring the brewer’s intentions.

As you can see we have always taken BEER seriously!



No Frozen mugs,

No Macro crap on tap,

No Fruit in your beer, unless the brewer put it there!

No beer Shots!   

No beer cocktails



Feel free to ask questions, many of the staff are home brewers. Our online draft list will link you to rate beer and beer advocate for more information on every beer we carry!




 Over 500 Bottles of  BEER, MEAD, GRUIT and CIDER.